Olive oil

Our products are of category; 1 a

and have an acidity of; 0.1 °

Golden Heritage has several types of olive oil. We offer you olive oil from the Arbequina olive and from the Empeltre olive.


The Empeltre olive is known for its mild sweetness and almond-like flavor.

The Arbequina olive has a pungent, fruity taste with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

At Golden Heritage you can obtain pure olive oil, or olive oil with a stylish extra of seaweed pearls on the basis of Chile pepper, Wasabi, Truffle and Saffron.

This olive oil with seaweed pearls are currently not available for sale.

The oil is suitable for all preparations, hot and cold, like dressings, marinades and mayonnaises.

So is the Golden Heritage 20ml an excellent shot for your ideal salad.

The Golden Heritage Saffron is not to be missing when preparing the delicious paella.

And not to forget the Golden Heritage Truffle for that exquisite risotto.


The olive oil that you can obtain with us and at the delicacy stores at the moment:

Arbequina olive oil and Empeltre olive oil.

Both types are available in 20ml, 100ml and 500ml sizes, in glass bottles.

The Empeltre olive oil is also available in 500ml black stone bottles.

In addition, we also have Arbequina olive oil and Arbequina olive oil mixed with Empeltre olive oil in handy 250ml table bottles.