Art of the olive

Golden Heritage

"Very high quality Olive oil", from the Val Des Serrans valley

Maella ~ Spain.

Val Des Serrans was an abandoned finca, brought back to life by a Belgian family; Gudrun, son Litrik and daughter Yentl. Together with the Spanish residents, we ensure that this pure liquid gold comes directly to you.


The liquid gold from Organic Eco cultivation, first pressing of the very best quality, has a fruity, sometimes slightly sweet, almond aroma and a peppery aftertaste. This olive oil is known for its medical and preventive effect and delicate taste.

Olive trees with an average age of two hundred years and a micro climate ensure the best balance. Our local farmer and his son ensure that these are grown in a traditional and ecological way. Together with the local community, we ensure that this piece of history ends up.

Our olive grove

Val Des Serrans, Maella ~ Spain

After twenty years, we breathe new life into a piece of forgotten heritage.

The Empeltre olive is a medium-sized black olive with its origins in Spain. Just like the green Arbequina olive with its delicious peppery after-touch