Olive oil

Our products are of category; 1 a
and have an acidity; 0.1 °

Golden Heritage has various types of olive oil. We offer you olive oil from the Empeltre olive and from the Arbequina olive.

The Empeltre olive is known for its mild sweetness and almond-like taste. This black olive is typical of the Aragon region. The oil can be used for hot and cold dishes. Can be heated up to 190°.

The Arbequina olive has a pungent, fruity taste with a slightly peppery aftertaste.

This oil of the green olive has a different taste than the Empeltre olive oil, to the soil and the climate of the tree its environment.

Golden Heritage Hot!

Now also available, Golden Spicy.
A delicious spicy olive oil.
Empeltre olive oil that is put on hold for 3 months with the Californian Reaper and a mixture of herbs such as the
Moa Juniper.

Golden Spicy is very spicy, but afterwards a gentle caress of the pepper follows.