Golden Heritage

"Very high quality Olive oil", from the Val Des Serrans valley

Maella ~ Spain.

Val Des Serrans was an abandoned finca, brought back to life by a Belgian family; Gudrun, son Litrik and daughter Yentl. Together with the Spanish residents, we ensure that this pure liquid gold comes directly to you.

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Golden Heritage - Harvest of the olives

Golden Heritage - David Selen - Hancelot Charme Hotel

Golden Heritage was very happy to participate in a walking dinner, from top chef David Selen, where Golden Heritage products were used in the top dishes.

At the very beautiful location, Hancelot Charme Hotel in Ghent. We, Golden Heritage, and many other guests were able to enjoy this lovely day.

Video made by DiBo video productions.

Interview Eric Miete

Golden Heritage had the opportunity to interview Eric Miete, top chef, culinary consultant Koppert Cress at the BBB fair in Maastricht 2017.
View here under the interview and experience the opinion of this top chef about the olive oil and other Golden Heritage products.

In 2017, Golden Heritage was allowed to participate in the Columbus Trophy, an organization that helps young entrepreneurs with a new product to gain attention at European level.

We are proud to announce that we have ended up among the last 9 finalists of the 68 participating companies.

Columbus Trophy 2017


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